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About Us

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Woodville Day Nursery is ...

A family owned centre established in 1962 by Gertrudia and Harry vreugdenburg. With 12 children of their own, starting a child care centre made sense. Our service is now owned by their son, Robin, and Managed by Tanya. 

Our centre prides itself on its homely feel and the belief that we are an extension of the family unit. The saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' is accurate and we strive to ensure each child gains that sense of family belonging. 

Children under the age of five learn best in a natural home-like environment so we limit the 'educational' feel to ensure security, trust and inclusion.

We have long standing educators with our Manager being with us since 1993, our Assistant Directors since 2000 and our Educational leader since 2005. Our educators are consistent in their rooms days and times to ensure stability for our children. 

We have high expectations and standards around Health, Safety and our Educational programs that make our centre one of the best in the Western Suburbs. 

We believe it is important to celebrate and acknowledge reconciliation for our children to understand the importance of our histories and achievements of our land, what made our country who we are and how we continue to respect our land and all of our cultures. We believe our natural environment should be respected, learnt about and explored through teaching the importance of its sacredness and including this in our curriculum. We show this through our Reconciliation Plan that shadows our commitment to inclusiveness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples.

We believe Holistic learning is based on child development and early Years pedagogy. In providing holistic learning, educators recognise that children are learning from conception and develop in their own time and at their own pace. We ensure we support children through their individual learning experiences and assist children in being ready for their schooling years ahead.

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